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Child Abuse Prevention Service

The foundations of our organisation began in 1970 when trained nurse Dorothy E. Ginn volunteered her services to the Wayside Chapel Crisis Centre at King’s Cross in Sydney. There she helped care for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and runaway children. Through this work she soon learned that childhood abuse and neglect were often the root causes of the traumas experienced by the people she treated. Dorothy then dedicated herself to understanding how to prevent child abuse in the community.
In 1973 Dorothy and a handful of volunteers founded Prevention, an organisation that provided 24-hour counselling support services to help vulnerable parents cope with the stresses of family life and learn how to become better carers for their children.
In 1997 Prevention became formalised as the Child Abuse Prevention Service (CAPS). CAPS is a non-government, non-religious charitable organisation that works to prevent child maltreatment in all forms.
We provide evidence-based educational programs that build well-being, emotional resiliency and create the strong family environments needed to ensure that children are safe, supported, and loved.
Our staff are experienced educational psychologists that are well-equipped to deliver our award-winning programs designed to increase protective behaviours in children, parents and childcare professionals to forever break the cycle of abuse.
Your generous support will help to change the lives of our most vulnerable. Take action today!

Report Abuse

If you are concerned about a child’s welfare and suspect they are being abused please contact the authority in your state.

Level 4, 695-699 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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