Leadership Team

Tracy McLeod Howe


Tracy is CEO of CAPS and Co-Founder of CDVA (Childhood Domestic Violence Australia). She is a legally trained senior executive leader, with a background that spans across social services, social justice policy, gender equality and domestic and family violence.

Tracy has appointments on the NSW Government’s Council for Women’s Economic Opportunity, the Social Impact Investment Expert Advisory Group, the Ministerial Roundtable for Children and Families, and the Minister’s Domestic and Family Violence Council. She was previously a Commissioner at the NSW Law Reform Commission, CEO of NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS), CEO of Domestic Violence NSW and co-created the Social Innovation Council with the Minister for Finance in 2016.

Tracy holds post graduate business qualifications from Cambridge University. She has also been a delegate on 4 occasions at the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations in New York.

Reegan Barber

Deputy CEO | Head of Partnerships and Policy

Reegan Barber is Deputy CEO and Head of Partnerships and Policy at CAPS. In this role he helps drive the strategic direction and works with stakeholders across government, corporate and social services sectors to deliver innovative, evidence-based child protection programs.

Reegan also has more than 10 years’ experience working at NSW Government agencies in the research and development of policy across diverse areas including domestic violence prevention, social services innovation and the protection of biodiversity. Highlights of this work include the delivery of the $20 million NSW Domestic and Family Violence Innovation Fund and program design for the Social Innovation Council, a civil society partnership to help spark innovation across the social services sector

Ballina Gee

Head of Project Innovation

In her current role as Head of Innovation at CAPS, Ballina Gee works to explore new ideas and partnerships and develop innovative programs including Safe Arrival. Ballina Gee has 20 years’ experience building communities, advocacy and stakeholder engagement including Ambassador Advocacy roles as Pacific Diva and has a social enterprise in the investment market.

Previous initiatives involve leading programs and advocacy campaigns for refugee and multiculturalism social cohesion, environmental refugee impact, community safety and mental health related to trauma induced experiences such as the impact of domestic violence, childhood abuse and seeking asylum. An example is her advocacy around Restorative justice in child protection, family and domestic violence supporting innovative campaigns such as social impact hackathons, mentoring using music therapy for girls and mothers who are suffering and being a supportive advocate to associations such as the newly formed Childhood Domestic Violence Australia.

Dr Reina Michaelson

Head of Research and Program Development

Registered Psychologist

Dr Reina Michaelson has a PhD in Psychology from Victoria University and extensive experience in the field of child maltreatment, with particular expertise in the area of preventing and responding to child sexual abuse. Dr Michaelson joined CAPS in 2013 and since that time she has been responsible for coordinating and implementing a range of parenting programs, including 123 Magic, Triple P, Tuning Into Kids, Tuning Into Teens. In addition, Reina has developed and and facilitated the Safe Children, Safe Families program in NSW early learning centres, preschools and playgroups since 2016.

Prior to her work at CAPS, Dr Michaelson worked with the Northern Territory Government Families and Children as a senior policy officer in child protection reform particularly in relation to the prevention and response to complex child abuse in Indigenous communities. Dr Michaelson has also worked as an international consultant with UNICEF to help developing countries create their own child sexual abuse prevention programs, including Malaysia, Vietnam and the Maldives.

Hillary Milton

Head of Regional Development

Registered Psychologist

Hillary has over 15 years’ experience working as a psychologist with children, adolescents and families, including in the areas of mental health, early intervention, multi-disciplinary teams and interagency child protection. She has a Masters in Family Therapy.

Since starting with CAPS almost two years ago, Hillary has expanded the Safe Children Safe Families program across regional Australia. She has a passion for delivering evidence-based prevention programs and is a keen advocate for services meeting their obligations through the CAPS Child Safe Leaders program.

Wei Li

Head of Parent Education and Family Support

Registered Counsellor

Wei is primarily responsible for coordinating the CAPS Supported Playgroup program. Wei also delivers a variety of parenting programs, with expertise in the facilitation of both Triple P and Circle of Security.

Wei is also a registered counsellor, with significant experience providing services to Mandarin-speaking clients in Australia. She is also a registered Family Therapist in China.

Emma-Louise Suzanne

Head of Strategy and Operations

Emma-Louise has over 15 years in government and non-government sectors in a consultative manner across Program, Project and Change Management. Emma-Louise brings to CAPS the understanding of efficient and effective governance, strategy planning, operational support, and significant experience in business growth and stakeholder partnership.

Emma-Louise has a strong and passionate commitment to driving advocacy for survivors of domestic violence, and supports the health and safety of women and children.

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