Our Programs

Our dedicated team delivers award-winning child protection programs to help ensure that kids are safe, supported and loved.

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Child Safe Leaders

We work with organisations of all sizes to help them understand their child protection obligations and create the environment where children under their care are safe, happy and engaged.

We also review all existing programs and processes that relate to children and provide expert guidance on what needs to be done to embed a child safe culture at the heart of the organisation.

Safe Children, Safe Families

Safe Children, Safe Families is our award-winning protective behaviours program for children aged 3-5 years old, their parents and childcare professionals.

It provides children with the information and skills needed to reduce their vulnerability to abuse, and to enhance the protection and awareness capabilities of their caregivers.

Safe Arrival

Safe Arrival is a community education program designed to raise awareness of domestic and family violence and provide harm prevention skills for refugee and migrant women.

In a compassionate, culturally safe setting, participants learn about the escalating nature of abuse, the importance of healthy relationships and how to access support services if ever needed.


SAFE is an innovative, national child protection platform that uses machine learning to identify children potentially at risk of abuse or neglect.

By using SAFE, organisations can be confident that any vulnerable children under their care are identified and supported as early possible.