Child Safe Leaders

What is
Child Safe Leaders?


Child Safe Leaders is a certification program where we help organisations of all sizes to understand their child protection obligations and how to create an environment where children under their care are safe, happy and engaged.

We appreciate that every organisation is on its own child protection journey and has unique needs and goals. That is why we work within an organisation’s existing framework and culture to make it easy as possible to build a child safe culture.


Why was
Child Safe Leaders created?


With over 40 years’ experience delivering front-line child protection services we are all too aware of the need for organisations to have in place the people, policies and processes that will keep our most vulnerable safe from abuse.

We want to share everything that we have learned with organisations of all sizes to help them understand their child safety obligations and create the environment where every child under their care is safe, happy and engaged.

What is a
Child Safe organisation?


Any organisation that provides services to children should be child safe. This includes schools, sports clubs, local government, law firms, community organisations and religious institutions.

Even if your organisation does not work directly with children, becoming child safe means that it can proudly demonstrate its commitment to championing the rights of children everywhere. It is the responsibility of everyone to know how to support our most vulnerable and keep them safe!


What is the
CAPS approach?


We build on whatever previous child protection work your organisation has already undertaken and empower staff at all levels to become Child Safe Leaders.


We utilise your organisational structure to drive change from within. Any new policies and processes created by CAPS are owned by your organisation and will complement the existing staff and culture.


We provide only the services that are relevant to your organisation’s unique needs and goals.


All of our child safety solutions are of the highest standard and are underpinned by both the National Principles and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

What will CAPS do for your organisation?

  • CAPS will conduct a thorough child protection review of your organisation. This means that we will assess existing programs and processes that concern children in relation to the National Principles and all other child protection obligations in your state or territory.


  • We then provide your organisation with a CAPS Health Check, a concise, high-level report showing how well the organisation reflects each of the ten National Principles and the state or territory child protection requirements.


  • The CAPS Health Check also includes clear guidance on exactly what work needs to be done for your organisation to become one that actively protects, listens to and supports children and young people.

We work with your organisation to deliver a bespoke child protection solution that is based on its unique accountabilities and needs. Every organisation has different goals and is on its own child protection journey. The services we offer include:


  • The development of a tailor-made Child Safe Policy that provides a clear framework for all interactions with children, reflects your organisation’s culture and goals, and takes into account the National Principles, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and all relevant legal obligations.
  • The delivery of training workshops where all staff learn about child safety, their role in supporting and protecting children, and the need for child safe policies and frameworks.
  • The provision of master classes for experienced childcare professionals that teach them how to champion child rights, manage potential risks, and drive the implementation of an exemplary child safe culture.

Once we are satisfied with the impact of our services CAPS will certify your organisation as a CAPS Child Safe Leader.

This sends a clear message to your community that your organisation has a child safe culture verified in accordance with the National Principles, along with a deep commitment to protecting children and promoting child rights.

Benefits of our
Child Safe Leader certification


Certification as a Child Safe Leader means that your organisation can publicly promote its commitment to:

  • Recognising and implementing the National Principles and complying with all legal obligations regarding the protection of children
  • Supporting our most vulnerable and keeping them safe
  • Responding to all child safety concerns in an accountable manner that prioritises the best interests of the child
  • Protecting the rights of children in all interactions with them
  • Giving children a meaningful voice in all decisions that affect them.

We will also provide ongoing child safety and wellbeing support to certified Child Safe Leaders as needed, including expert advice on how to handle any child protection issues that may arise.

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