Safe Arrival

What is
Safe Arrival?


Safe Arrival is our community education program designed to raise awareness of DFV and provide important harm prevention skills for refugee and migrant women. Through a culturally safe setting, using material provided in multiple languages, participants learn about the escalating nature of abuse and how to access support services if needed. The program provides support and intervention in an accessible and respectful format, and helps prevent or reduce the harm that domestic violence can cause for mothers and children.

Our program participants come from all over the world!

Why was
Safe Arrival created?


One in five women in Australia has experienced sexual violence, and one in three has experienced physical violence. In fact, domestic and family violence (DFV) is so prevalent that it is the leading preventable contributor to death in women ages 15-44.

Women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities are among the most at risk. They can face significant barriers to getting help,  including financial dependency, fear of police, language difficulties and a lack of family support.

This is why we created Safe Arrival.

Sources: Victoria Health and CESPHN


How does the program work?


CAPS currently delivers Safe Arrival with the assistance of partner organisations across Sydney. The program consists of five workshops that are designed to increase participants’ knowledge of DFV and build critical harm prevention skills, ensuring that women are empowered to seek help well before the escalation of abuse.

The program modules cover a range of topics including the escalating nature of abuse, the impact of violence at home on children and how to create a safety plan. In addition, participants learn how to help friends or family who might be experiencing DFV, therefore spreading information about vital support services and resources across their communities.

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