Supporting Kids

What is Supporting Kids?


Supporting Kids is our free parenting webinar series created to teach parents and carers simple strategies to improve their children’s wellbeing. 

Launched in response to the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on children’s mental health, Supporting Kids applies a practical and strengths-based approach to teaching emotionally aware parenting.


Parents and carers attending Supporting Kids webinars receive expert advice and resources to help their children:

  • Strengthen mental health
  • Manage anxiety
  • Improve communication
  • Cope with COVID-19 related stress

How does the program work?

In each Supporting Kids webinar our experienced staff demonstrate proven strategies to help support the mental wellbeing of children, while keeping things interactive and engaging.

Each webinar is accompanied by a follow-up fact sheet with additional resources and strategies, as well as a recorded version of the webinar for parents to view at a time that best suits them.


What topics do the webinars cover?


The webinars cover a range of topics, including mindful parenting and emotional regulation. The content has been designed for parents and carers, however educators and childcare professionals can also benefit from the workshops.

Supporting Kids has been designed for parents of children of all ages. Some sessions are geared towards supporting young children, while others focus on connecting with older kids and teenagers.

Clips from Past Webinars

Upcoming Lunchtime Webinars


28/01 from 12-1pm

Parents will learn how to strengthen their children’s mental health through stories and connection. Register here

Mindful Parenting

03/02 from 12-1pm

Parents will learn how to practise mindful parenting and model healthy coping skills for their children. Register here


CAPS Supporting Kids webinars are free for NSW parents, carers and educators. Anyone who registers will also receive access to a recorded version of the session, as well as a resource handout.

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